Table configurations

There are in total 12 panels available. These panels can be arranged in different table configurations. The image below shows some on these configurations.

Panel Types

There are 4 different panel types. The table below shows all the different type of panels available.

Type Description Available
A grass plain 3
A grass plain with straight river 3
A grass plain with river bend 2
A grass plain with hill in corner 4

Configuration Types

All possible combinations of the following 5 basic setups have been laid out. Click on one of the configuration types to view them. Configurations with a red border can be mirrored and the ones that are greyed out are not possible.

Type Description Available
The 2x2 setup has 78 combinations of which 23 mirrored 3
The 3x2 setup has 460 combinations of which 214 mirrored 2
The 3x3 setup has 438 combinations of which 212 mirrored 1
4x2 1
4x3 1